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Look In A New Place

OK, it is kind of hard to be frequent poster in many places, so it comes out that I am a lazy poster in all the sites. So I have decided to officially leave this place for a while as it is, and redirect you to TrekEarth – the place where I have posted pictures of Latvia and will do it in the nearest future as well.

So here it is – my photos of Latvia in TrekEarth.

And, by the way, there are many very nice photos of Latvia by other photographers. And also many photos from other places all over the world.

Recent Entries


It’s not that we are now into the stormy season. It’s just that it was very hot for a very long time and now the colder air is coming in and it produces thunderstorms sometimes out of nowhere. This one came in some 15 minutes.

Once It Was

I was driving on the normal road almost in the middle of nowhere when suddenly I went past this place where I had to stop. On the one side of the road there is a church and on the other side is this old manor. Actually, people still live there. I realized this when I saw a satellite dish on the roof. This is something unimaginable to me…

Grilling Season Has Arrived!

Haven’t been posting any photos here for a while. That’s because it was a long winter this year. This was also very beautiful winter with lots of snow but, I must confess – I did make almost no photos because it was freezing well below zero (even -25 Celsius sometimes), didn’t want to hurt my fingers.

But now the good season is back. From May till November you can expect some posts here time after time. And in today’s photo (by the way – taken with my HTC phone and post processed in GIMP) – grilling season has started! It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ;)

Staro Rīga III

Last photo from the series of this year’s Staro Rīga festival. This building looked very colorful and nice. “The Odyssey of Dreams” it says if I can read it right.

Staro Rīga II

As I promised yesterday, today one more picture from festival Staro Rīga. They displayed ancient Latvian signs on the roofs of the buildings. The light and music show theme was human life from birth (child’s cry in the beginning) till death (ascending to heaven with the sound of clapping wings of a dove). Truly amazing, you have few more days to get there and see it yourself!

Staro Rīga

For five days we have this amazing light festival called Staro Rīga here. I haven’t seen much of it yet, we are planning to see most of the places and objects on 18th, but yesterday we went to Latvian Etnographic Open Air Museum to see a show that was just amazing! Tomorrow one more picture, stay tuned!

Sabile Wine Hill

One more photo from Sabile vineyard. You can also taste the wine at the entrancee but don’t expect too much of it.

Sabile Wine Hill

This week I visited one of the most interesting places in Latvia – Sabile Wine Hill which is mentioned in Guiness World Records Book as world’s most northern vineyard. It’s a really nice place to walk with a great view over Sabile town, sometimes it seems you are not in Latvia, so untypical is the view.

Ducks Killing Hawks

No, this isn’t some kind of sports team supporters chanting. We have one nice museum in Latvia about Freiherr von Muenchhausen and his unbelievable stories. One of the stories is displayed here – an evidence of a duck taking on a helpless hawk. Poor birdie!